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The use case aims to develop a National Public Health Gateway to mitigate the effects of motorcycle-related accidents in Kenya, which cause more deaths than those involving bicycles and cars. Whereas these fatalities are many, and in many cases avoidable, the persistence of this problem is worrying and it is a drain to the economy as well as a real concern for families. The Gateway will be used by Public Health experts and operators to publish data related to motorcycle accidents that will then be analysed on the cloud and used to proactively raise riders aware of “black spots” while they are driving on roads.


Motorcycle Influx

There has been an influx of motorcycles in the recent past for personal and business use due to reduced taxation of the same

Pressure on roads

The road infrastructure has remained almost the same hence competition fo the same space with other motorists. This has built pressure on the roads

More Accidents

This results in increased road accidents caused by motorcycles. Even in regions without cars, the phenomenon of motorbike accidents is very much present

Decreased Productivity

As a result, there has been a decrease in productivity, loss of life and waste of resources in hospital expenses hence a drain to the national economy.


Implementation and computational model

Open Data Collection

Web Interface

Open Data Access

Mobile Interface

Distributed Data Processing

Local, Grid and Cloud Computing

Real Time Data Analysis

FutureGateway API Server

GPS Tracking

Location and GPS Data

Data Repository Access

gLibrary Framework